Hosting House Guests This Season?



Here are a few tips to help you prepare and keep your guests feeling welcomed.

1.  Have PLENTY of food.   If you’re unsure of how much food to get, estimate how much your family eats and use that to help calculate what you may need for additional guests.  Grab some snacks too.

2.  Have food they like.  Asks your guests before they come what they like.  Having their regular food handy will make meals a lot easier for them and for you.

3.  Ask about food allergies.  Make sure nobody is allergic to anything or lactose and gluten intolerant.

4. Pick up a few extra toiletries. Nothing like forgetting your toothbrush and toothpaste at home.  Pick up a few travel sized items at your local store.

5.  Have plenty of outlets available.  Have plenty of spaces for your guests to plug in their phone’s, tablets and whatnot.

6.  Private place to sleep.  While they may agree to it, I’m sure your guests would prefer not to sleep in the middle of the living room on a pull out sofa.  Treat them to a private guest room if possible.

7.  Fresh, clean linens.  Have extra towels in or near the bathroom and an extra blanket or two by the bed.

8.  Extra pillows.  Get a few extra pillows just for guests.  They may have their own but, just in case it’s nice to be prepared.

9.  Have a place for luggage.  If possible, provide a luggage rack or empty space in a closet or dresser.

10.  The little things.  Grab a small bouquet of flowers while you’re out getting supplies.  Maybe some chocolates and water for their bedside  Those little things will make them feel even more welcome.


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