Live Christmas Tree Tips & Where To Buy


  1. Be careful bringing it home.  Getting a tree home can be tricky sometimes.  Try not to bend the thin portion at the top or break any branches.  Also, cut a 1 inch slice off the bottom of the trunk to help it soak up water and nutrients better when you get it home.
  2. Buy local.   If possible, buy as local as possible.  The tree will last longer when it’s grown in an environment that is sustainable.
  3. WATER.  Make sure to put your tree in water as soon as possible.  Luke warm water is best as cold water may shock it.
  4. Feed it nutrients.   Sure there are tree foods you can buy if you choose.  If not, sprinkle a few tablespoons of plain sugar in your trees water for it’s needed sugar source and make sure it always has fresh water.
  5. Location.  Place your tree away from anything that may dry it out.  This is for your safety too.  That means keep it away from fans, heaters, vents and direct sunlight.
  6. LED Lights.  Lights that produce a lot of heat can dry out your tree faster and be a safety risk.  LED lights produce way less heat and look just as pretty.
  7. Water level.  Check your tree twice a day if possible.  Some trees are extra thirsty.  Especially in the first few days.  Every time you add water, make sure that it’s warm and that it has a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in it.
  8. Humidifier.  Run a humidifier in the room that the tree is in.  It will help you and the tree actually during the colder dry months.

Where can you find a tree?

Check your local farmers market, churches, and farms.  Local to Henry & Clayton County Georgia?  See links below:

Atlanta State Farmers Market – Forest Park

Yule Forest – Stockbridge

Southern Belle Farm – McDonough






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