Thanksgiving Traveling Tips

Are you planning a road trip to see loved ones this holiday?  Keep your sanity with these traveling hacks.

MUNCHIES:  I know, you’re most likely about to consume an abnormal amount of food.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry on the way or in between.  Take a look at this Harvest Trail Mix recipe if you’re up for making your own road trip treat.


Keep kiddos busy:  I don’t know a kid that enjoys being in a car all day.  Make it fun for them too.  Maybe they would like to read a new book, see a new movie if you have a DVD player or even color in a new coloring book.  Check out Fun Ways to Entertain Kids in the Car

Keep it clean:  All the food…all the more chance of you or your kids wearing it.  Put an extra stash in the car.  You don’t want that once a year family picture with cranberry stains right?  For each person, put an entire outfit in an individual bag.  This is an extra handy tip with toddlers.

Be safe: Remember to do a once over on the vehicle you plan to travel in.  Make sure the tires have enough air in them and that there’s enough oil in the car.   Leave yourself plenty of time to get there.  Be cautious of out of town drivers that are not used to the area or where they are going.


Happy Thanksgiving!!








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