TAKE A HIKE this weekend.


Happy Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend and this gorgeous weather?  Take a hike on some of Georgia’s most beautiful nature trails.

Tallulah Gorge: Hiking the Hurricane Falls Loop Trail

Hiking Providence Canyon State Park, Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon

Ocmulgee National Monument: Indian Mounds Trail in Macon

Cumberland Island backpacking, camping & hiking guide

Jacks River Falls: Beech Bottom Trail & Jacks River Trail

Cloudland Canyon State Park: hiking & camping destination guide

Arabia Mountain Top Trail

Raven Cliff Falls Trail: Hiking to Gorgeous Waterfalls

Not sure what to pack? Click here for a hiking gear list.


Reminder: Time Changes This Weekend



Spring forward and set your clocks ahead this Saturday night!  I love the longer days we have already been able to enjoy recently.  Add in all of the sunshine we’ve had the past few days for a perfect blend of spring.  Yes, you lose an hour this weekend but that’s not too much to make a fuss over.

Why do we change our clocks each March and November anyways?


All night owls unite!


Do you you tend to be more productive after 10am and at night?  You can blame it on your biologically determined, internal body clock.  New science has come to the conclusion that work starts too early for most of us.  Hmmm… maybe you can show the full article below to your boss and request new hours? It’s worth a try right?

It’s Not Just You: Science Agrees Work Starts Too Early

BY JESSICA STILLMAN Contributor, Inc.com

Take the poll Coke, Pop, or Soda?


Here in the southeast, these are most often ALL called Coke.  “Do you want a coke?” “What kind of coke do you want?” is what you’ll hear.  What do you call them?

Henry County – Early Voting Ends Friday 26th


Be an early bird and don’t forget to vote early for the presidential primary.  It ends this Friday, February the 26th in Henry County.  Here are some early voting locations:


Elections & Voter Registration Main Office: 40 Atlanta St.


Merle Manders Conference Center: 111 Davis Road


Fortson Library: 61 McDonough St.

Locust Grove

The Locust Grove Library: 115 L G Griffin Road


The Fairview Library: 28 Austin Road